Drag and Drop Sales Page Editor

  • On The Fly Editing: Edit Sales pages on the fly right with in your browser. Ad Text, Images, Videos and objects on the fly, just like you drag and drop icons in your word processor.
  • Sales Page Templates: Some 20 different color and style sales page templates that give you a wide variety to choose from. All colors and style templates are available.
  • Squeeze Page Templates: You can also choose from 12 High Converting squeeze page templates that are proven to convert at very high rates.
  • Save Drafts: Our Sales page editor keeps a copy of all changes you save as draft. Later you can recover a older version of template if you mistakenly screwed up with your sales page.
  • Drag and Drop Layers: Each object is created in an HTML layer that can be dragged and position of each item can be changed on sales page editor.
  • Add Amazon S3 Video: You can add video inside your sales page anywhere you point your cursor. It is just matter of few clicks and your video will be included in your Sales Page
  • Add Images: All your images will be hosted on Amazon S3, which you can later use inside your sales page editor.
  • Web 2.0 Graphics and Objects:
    Arrow 52 Boxes 10
    Bullet Points 50 Value Boxes 8
    Optin Boxes 29 Bullet List 18
    Add To Cart Button 70 Number List 13
    Order Boxes 25 Gurrantee Boxes 15
    Product Boxes 9 Attention Grabber 18
    Testimonial Boxes 27 Bonus Boxes 12
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